800 year old Dragsholm Castle is among Denmarks oldest functional worldly buildings. The original Dragsholm was not called a castle, but a palatium. The palatium building was established by Roskilde bishop Peder Sunesen in circa 1215. During the middle ages it was expanded and reconstructed to a four-winged fortress castle with a church in the western wing.

The church - or chapel - was mentioned first in 21. August 1536, but is assumed to be considerably older and has probably been moved to it's current placement at the end of the 1400s. The church was apparently not used after the swedish wars (1657-1660) and until 8. April 1730, where Christian Lente von Adeler had finished restoring the church in the baroque architecture style and requested that it would be inaugurated. The inauguration was delayed by the priest in Fårevejle, who requested extra payment to perform the service there. But the 4. May 1731 the king upheld, that the church was to be put back into service by the priest of Fårevejle.

Today the chapel in Dragsholm Castle works as a parish church with worship christmas evening, easter day and during the summer half year, from Pentecost to harvest. Baptisms take place when there is worship, as well as weddings year round.