Olafur Eliassons sundial at Dragsholm Castle

The world-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson, who has roots in Odsherred, is the artist behind the giant installation "Heliotropic City", that is being build in the open landscape at Dragsholm Castle. "Heliotropic City" is formed as a circular sundial with 140 meters in diameter. A futuristic disc-shaped city with sharp, pyramid-like slants in its inner “clockwork”. It takes up almost as much space as Dragsholm Castle, who is donating to the public, the land that the artwork is going to placed upon.

Administrative director and castle owner Mads Bøttger at Dragsholm Castle is standing at the forefront of a workforce, that will use their business- and fundconnections in the attempt to finance the project. During fall 2015, Odsherred municipality withdrew from the project after the councils budget negotiations. The municipality is however still supporting the project and will continue to take care of operation and maintenance of the finished work. According to Mads Bøttger, it's both a fantastic good and important project for Odsherred municipality, which will put it on the map. Olafur Eliasson is known and recognized on the global art scene and it will be interesting for thousands of people in the world. An Olafur sculpture af this caliber will attract people, benefitting the tourist businesses and create more jobs in the region.

Olafur Eliasson is one of the most relevant artists in the 21. century. In the city of Aarhus, Eliasson's “Your Rainbow Panorama” valued at 62 mil. DKK, place on the top of ARoS Aarhus art museum, more than doubled the visitor numbers. The “Rainbow”, as it is called, har surpassed Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møllers 60 meter tall “Rådhustårnet” as landmark and turist attraction. If the project successfully gathers 60 mil. DKK in funds to build the sculpture at Dragsholm Castle, it would become the new turist attraction for Odsherred.


“Heliotropic City” is on it's way into a new phase. The experienced fund manager, Kjeld Juel Petersen, former director for Velux funds, has to fundraise cirka 60 mil. DKK.

According to Kjeld Juel Petersen, compared to the rest of Denmark, the artwork will be completely unique in it's scope and characteristics. It is Olafur Eliasson's first, large land art project in Denmark. He's coming home to Odsherred, world-renowned for his land art works like “The New York City Waterfalls” and “The Weather Project” at Tate in London. A work of Eliasson on his home district in Odsherred, would be a enormously meaningful. One could compare it to, when sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen return home to Copenhagen from Rome, where he was hailed as a star, and museums was build to house his art.

“Heliotropic City” will be accessible to the thousands of people, tourists, locals and passerby, that wants to walk inside the artwork, sit in the hills and discuss it, when they return home. It will provoke thoughts about art and nature, space, the progress of time and philosophy. It's an artwork with at large amount of potential for expression, but with deeper messages of artistic, cultural and philosophic character.

Within the new few months, Kjeld Juel Petersen will send out a prospect about the Olafur Eliasson work to 10-12 large, private funds and invite their representants to a presentation meeting in Copenhagen.