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While the kitchen style in Dragsholm Slot Bistro is more simple and informal, we wish to surprise and challenge our guests in the gourmet restaurant Dragsholm Slot Gourmet. The restaurant situated in the castle kitchen is regularly highlighted both in Denmark and internationally as one of the most innovative gourmet restaurants in Scandinavia. Dragsholm Slot Gourmet was awarded a Michelin star in Michelin Guide Nordic 2017 and has held in since. In the White Guide Nordic the restaurant has been found among the best in both Denmark and the Nordic region. Our ambition is that in the future, too, Dragsholm Slot Gourmet will belong in Scandinavia's gastronomic elite.

Our head chef, Claus Henriksen, defines his cooking style as 'nature conscious' and bases it on the season's vegetables and herbs from the forests, fields and beaches of the Lammefjord.


Wine plays a very special part at Dragsholm Castle. The wine cellar houses a careful selection of select wines, which have been found on visits to winegrowers, chateaus and through countless wine tastings with some of the country's best wine merchants. Our head sommelier, Peter Fagerland, has amongst his awards been honoured as Denmark's most skilled sommelier and for best food-and-wine match, and he will gladly tell you about the castle's wine and the considerations that lie behind a wine menu.

Dragsholm Slot Gourmet in the old Castle Kitchen - "Slotskøkkenet" is located in the cellar under whitewashed arches, with a fire burning in the hearth and with glimpses out towards the park behind the metre-thick walls. We can also serve the gourmet dinner in a private room, either in connection with Slotskøkkenet or in one of the 800 year old castle's refurbished reception rooms.

A dining experience at Dragsholm Castle Gourmet is an all-night experience. The menu 'Time and Place' consists of approx. 15 servings.


Gourmet menu 'Time & Place' DKK 1.200
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Wine menu for the Gourmet menu 'Time & Place' DKK 1.000

2 Jan - 23 May Tue-Sat
Week 7 (10-16 /2) Wed-Sat
Week 15 (6-12 / 4) Wed-Sat
May 27 - June 20 Wed-Sat
June 23 - Sept 5 Tue-Sat
Sep 10 - Oct 10 Thu - Sat
Week 42 (12-18/10) Tue-Sat
Oct 22 - Dec 19 Tue - Sat.
Dec 26 Sat.

Table reservation is necessary and can be made by calling tel. +45 5965 3300.