There are not many restaurants which are situated quite literally out in the vegetable fields. This can be tasted and experienced in Dragsholm's kitchen.

With its starting point in the castle's gastronomic and historical roots in the rich local earth around the Lammefjord, it has always been, and will continue to be our ambition to create, maintain and develop a local kitchen, which cultivates the narratives and the special character and qualities of our own local produce.


Dragsholm Castle is situated in the middle of a vast vegetable field between the roots of carrots, parsley root and salsify, and our kitchen reflects the castle's setting and proximity to nature. The local ingredients such as herbs, mushrooms and vegetables, which we pick from the fields, the woods, the herb garden and the beach regularly contribute to new dishes and new taste experiences.

No time of year or season is identical on the Lammefjord, therefore nothing can be planned in advance in the kitchen. We adjust our cooking to nature's whims and the season's harvest, and we work with the many varieties of vegetables and fruit and their different tastes in the various stages of development.

We wish to contribute towards a continued development of 'the Nordic Kitchen' while also adding a personal and local mark that focuses on the local produce of the Lammefjord. We keep to an honest, natural line in the kitchen. Ingredients should taste of themselves and look like themselves. It is the raw, the pure and the local that is the recipe for our vegetable and herb-based kitchen.

Our ambition is to set the Lammefjord on the global gastronomic map as Danish terroir, which can be truly tasted.

And these ambitions actually go further than that; the wish for us is that we can offer our guests a cohesive, total experience at Dragsholm. A story of a region in Denmark, a piece of cultural history, a slice of agricultural history – and at the same time a contemporary, local kitchen based on the best ingredients in Denmark.

Here, one can as a guest experience the correlation between nature, the kitchen and the castle both outdoors, in the food and in the restaurant's decor. Our guests should have a clear sense of eating from the Lammefjord – while surrounded by the Lammefjord.