Dragsholm Castle is surrounded by the beautiful rolling glacial landscape of the Odsherred peninsula on the edge of the ​​Lammefjord in Northwest Zealand, Denmark. The area is known and loved by many people due to the intense light that characterises the region. Odsherred is ringed by fjords and bays, and the sun's reflection in the water gives the region a very special light that is found in only a few places in Denmark. The hilly terrain was created during the Ice Age by enormous amounts of ice, which formed the rolling landscape that stands in sharp contrast to the flat, reclaimed Lammefjord.

Baron Zytphen Adeler of Dragsholm Castle initiated the damming up of the ground in the mid 19th-century. Today, we can thank him for the fertile areas around the Lammefjord, which supply some of the country's best carrots and has almost become synonymous with vegetables of the highest quality. This is because the Lammefjord's soil was once under water, so the topmost soil is extremely sandy and rich in calcium due to the many clam shells that once lay on the seabed. It is especially root vegetables that thrive in this soil. Today, the Lammefjord is known as Denmark's best 'kitchen garden', and the area is dedicated to the cultivation of various types of vegetables.