Herb Garden

The Herb Garden at Dragsholm Castle contains over 100 Nordic herbs and vegetables, which are used daily in the kitchens of the castle's two renowned, natural-conscious restaurants: Slotskøkkenet and Lammefjordens Spisehus.

The herb garden's history can be traced back to the 13th century, when the monks who lived at the castle designed the herb garden in order to plant herbs that could be used for medicinal and medical purposes. When the Castle Garden was renovated in 2009 with financial assistance from various funds, the herb garden was re-established in the same place where it is believed that the monks' original herb garden was located. The garden is situated directly south of the castle in front of Bastionen, and in the summer, you can enjoy a herb cocktail with a view of the garden and its array of fragrances from all the different herbs.

The herb garden is used in all its phases and throughout all four seasons, from the budding shoots that push up from the soil despite the snow and cold, over the blossoming spring and the plentiful beds of the summer, to the seed planting of late summer and autumn.

Download a plan of the herb garden.