Only one hour of driving from Copenhagen, in the middle of the beautiful Odsherred, Dragsholm Castle welcomes you to it's unique and authentic universe. The past, present and future meets at Dragsholm Castle in a harmonic cooperation between history, terroir and gastronomy. It is something to behold and taste. In many ways nature plays a large role at Dragsholm Castle. The gastronomical level is high in the castle's Scandinavian, nature conscious kitchen. In the gourmet restaurant 'Slotskøkkenet' and in the more informal bistro 'Spisehuset', the menus are based on the season's local raw ingredients from the baron's dammed Lammefjorden. The castle's nature conscious kitchen is on of the most innovative in Denmark and can, among others, be experienced on one of the castle's many gastronomical stays.


Where the style of the bistro Spisehuset is more simpel and informal, we would like to surprise and challenge the guests in the gourmet restaurant Slotskøkkenet. Slotskøkkenet is often highlighted, in Denmark and abroad, as one of the most innovative gourmet restaurants in Scandinavia, and our ambition is for Slotskøkkenet to belong among the elites of Scandinavian gastronomy. Our head chef, Claus Henriksen, defines his kitchen style as nature conscious, and is based on the season's vegetables and herbs from Lammefjordens forests, fields and beaches. Read more about Restaurant Gourmet.


The bistro is based on the same kitchen philosophy as the critically acclaimed gourmet restaurant Slotskøkkenet. Similar to Slotskøkkenet, the seasons local vegetables, along with the many herbs from the castle herb garden, creates the foundation for the kitchen. Together with this foundation comes the best meat, fish and shellfish, we can find in the area. The kitchen style in Spisehuset is more simpel and informal than in the gourmet restaurant Slotskøkkenet. The quality of handicraft and raw ingredients is not compromised. Different from how we want to surprise and challenge our guests in our gourmet restaurant, here in Spisehuset we want you to confirm that “Old love never rusts”, but in our own interpretation. When the weather allows it, we move the kitchen outside and fire up the grill on The Bastion with a view of the Sejerø bay. Read more about Restaurant Bistro.


At the castle terrace our Food bar is open all summer. Here we serve our green interpretations of "street food": Snacks, light dishes and drinks based on seasonal herbs and vegetables. From lunch to evening in laid-back surroundings overlooking the Herb Garden, The Sejeoe bay and The Lammefjord. Read more about The Food Bar


The wine plays a very important role at Dragsholm Castle. The wine cellar houses a carefully curated collection of exquisite wines, found while visiting wine farmers, at wine castles and through countless wine tastings with some of the country's best wine merchants. Our chief sommelier, Peter Fagerland, has been awarded for being the country's most skilled sommelier and for the best food and wine match. Our ambition is to continue providing large, exciting gastronomical experiences.