Claus Henriksen

Head Chef

Since 2008, the man behind the helm in the kitchen has been Claus Henriksen. In his hands, the castle kitchen has been elevated into a gastronomic destination, which attracts guests from far and wide and has achieved national as well as international recognition. Most recently with a Michelin star in the Michelin Guide Nordic 2017.

Much of the secret behind the high level is that Claus Henriksen avails himself of a very gentle process when preparing the local produce from the Lammefjord. This could be something as simple as freshly-plucked lacinto kale from a nearby field, which is blanched so quickly that its structure and taste is perfectly preserved when it is served to the guests.

Claus Henriksen got his first taste of the culinary trade when he was just 10 years old. It started with a homemade coffee cake in the family kitchen, continued with the obligatory training at Copenhagen Hospitality College, and from then on progressed with a medley of jobs as newly-trained chef. He has stood behind the pots and pans in the kitchen of LodsOldermandsGaarden in Rørvig and Odd-Fellowgaarden in Køge. After this well-rounded introduction to the gastronomic arts, his skills were refined at addresses such as Søllerød Kro, Jan Hurtigkarl in Ålsgårde and with Michel Michaud at Marie Louise in Odense. In Oslo, he flirted briefly with the kitchen of the now-closed Restaurant Bagatelle, where Eyvind Hellstrøm tended to his two Michelin stars. But Claus Henriksen was happier in Denmark and returned home, where he worked among other establishments at Noma and Formel B before his journey led him to the castle in Odsherred.

2008 Dragsholm Slot, Head Chef
2007 Formel B, Assisting Head Chef
2005 Noma, Assisting Head Chef
2004 Søllerød Kro, Chef
2003 Jan Hurtigkarl & Co., Chef
2002 Marie Louise Odense, Chef
2002 Jan Hurtigkarl & Co., Chef
2001 Søllerød Kro, Chef